Amaze-O-Mix Blender Base

The 1st neutral blender base! Just a touch of vanilla to enhance the flavor. It’s perfect for creating smooth, creamy ice blended and smoothies drinks that will not separate.

$124.55 $137.00


It's Amazingly Simple..... one base does it all!

Create delicious ice blended and smoothies beverages.

Start with Amaze-O-Mix, add your own creativity with different flavorings, fruits, purees, coffee, juices, milk alternatives, candies, etc. and you will finish with delicious tasting blended and smoothie beverages. It’s touch of vanilla with enhance the beverage’s flavor, prevent separation to remain smooth and creamy to the last sip!. Pair with flavors you already stock to easily expand your beverage menu.

For fuller, evenly blended energy based beverages add 1 scoop to blender as well, it’s truly amazing!

Your smoothies or blended drinks for sure with be the talk of the town!