About Us


Thank you for visiting. Let me start by telling you a little bit about our company.

Like many good things in life, we were created out of the powerful combination of passion and desperation. It all started with our sugar free chocolate. In my many years of running Pacific Northwest Coffee shops I could not find a quality Sugar Free alternative for my customers.

They wanted a delicious drink, but preferred fewer calories and less sugar. I began to experiment. With the help of my “daily regulars,” I fined tuned our products to be everything they wanted.

This tradition continues to this day. We’ve created many sugar free and regular flavors for you to choose from. You’ll find Gosh That’s Good! Brand™ in many shops and homes across our great nation.

Our company, steeped in Northwest Coffee culture knows coffee shops and what they need. We also have a handle on what a great flavored drink should taste like. We strive to bring you the absolute best quality and unmatched customer service. With a name like ours, it has to be good or we haven’t done our job!

We hope you enjoy Gosh That’s Good! Brand™ products as much as we enjoy the adventure of bringing them to you!

Darin Teal

Owner and Founder
Gosh That’s Good! Brand™