Sugar Free White Velvet Chocolate

The very first sugar free white chocolate, never duplicated and still the BEST! It’s smooth elegant flavor will make you Fall in Love every time. Our #1 seller!



Fall in Love…..  with a favorite of White Chocolate Lovers for years and still the best! 

The same sweet elegant creamy flavor as our Original White Velvet Chocolate™ with less calories and carbohydrates.  You will never know it's SUGAR FREE!!

Painstakingly created and fine-tuned over many years in our own small coffee shops was the very first sugar free white chocolate.  It’s smooth elegant creamy flavor balances perfectly in espresso based drinks you will forget it’s low in calories and carbohydrates too.  Memorable on it’s own for a Hot White Chocolate, but then again perfect for today’s iced, blended and smoothie beverages.  You will fall in love every time with this #1 seller.